GoGammon is a modern re-imagining of fibs.com - a fully open platform for both playing Backgammon, and an API for building your own front-end, for analysying game data and much more.

It also provides a novel solution to the perennial problem of “my opponent cheated - the dice aren’t fair” 🎲.

Gogammon is currently in a pre-alpha state. I spend time on it when I get the tuits and the enthusiasm. I am keen to hear from online backgammon players to know their thoughts - get in touch.


Gropple provides a one-click webservice (via a browser bookmarklet) to download videos via youtube-dl.

More details at github.com/tardisx/gropple.


Discord-auto-upload (dau) was designed to allow people to easily share screenshots from games to the popular chat network “discord”. It does this in near real-time by monitoring a directory for new images and uploading them immediately.

It has a simple-to-use web based configuration system.

dau was initially an exercise to learn golang, but overtime it has evolved into a useful tool with many users, and has provided me an opportunity to take my early code and rework it into a more polished state, adding unit tests, a better UI, more resilience and so on.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to respond to user requests and enhance dau to be more useful for them.

More details at github.com/tardisx/discord-auto-upload.


Netgiv was a definite “itch scratcher”.

I use Windows at work as a desktop machine. I also have a Linux workstation, and access many different Linux servers in my day-to-day role.

I semi-often need to move files around - be it database dumps, log files, csv reports. Doing this is often more difficult than it needs to be - creation of temporary files, generating an scp command (often having to think about the scp “direction” as not all systems accept incoming ssh connections) and then cleaning up afterward.

Netgiv is a familiar unix pipeline tool that moves data around with end-to-end encryption over a standard TCP connection. A single binary provides both client and server and it’s super easy to deploy.

More information at github.com/tardisx/netgiv.

Tags: golang  gogammon  gropple  discord-auto-upload  github  netgiv