What a pretentious title.

In my many years on the internet I’ve had a variety of personal home pages along the way.

As usual for the tech-nerd, they are often an excuse to rewrite the blogging wheel, or as a showcase to showoff various creations.

Looking backwards on archive.org is a cringeworthy experience. And I have vague recollections of my even earlier efforts, hosted under the ISP’s own server under a “~username” homepage (remember those?). Luckily either archive.org never got to that, or I cannot remember the URL. I do remember it had a (labouriously) ray-traced spinning “J”. It had a black background and everything else was green. Ahh, the memories.

The first archived ones are around 20 years old now (what??) and I have vague memories of the frameworks I used and how much effort I put in.

More recent efforts involved me eschewing off-the-shelf blogging platforms and writing my own, with varying levels of success.

There is a big swath of this web site address showing nothing more than the Apache default HTML page (ooof! lame!) or worse “bad gateway” (criminal).

This also coincides with my drawing away from social media, culminating finally in the deletion of my facebook account in 2018. Social media is a cancer on society and you can’t tell me otherwise.

But I have seen in recent years a small comeback in the idea of owning a section of the web, running your own blog, sharing ideas and information on a platform that isn’t owned by a big corporation and driven by algorithms.

I wouldn’t call it a resurgence or anything, as nice as that would be. But there are cool new little communities springing up, if you know where to look.

So here’s my little staked out thing.

(Just to be confusing, I imported a couple of my old blog entries, so this is sort of not really the actual first post).

I did at least stick to my nerd-dom and refuse to just use a complete off-the-shelf, fancy drop blog site thing. But maybe more on that in another post.

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